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March 2023


Stop, edit, and resume your live email marketing campaigns - Previously, if you needed to temporarily stop or edit an ongoing campaign, you had to create a new campaign. But now, you can stop your existing campaign and make any necessary edits. Once you're ready, you can resume your stopped campaign for a more seamless experience.


New Filters for Acquisition Audience Builder  - When creating Acquire New Customers audiences, you can now filter for properties by last sale amount, current market value, sewer type, and pool. These new filters help you target more specific groups of customers with your marketing content.


Scheduling Pro Integration with Marketing Pro Ads  - Previously, all the jobs created through Scheduling Pro were assigned to the Schedule Engine marketing campaign even if they came from different marketing channels. This made it hard to tell which marketing channels gave the best return on investment (ROI). But now, each job is assigned to a specific marketing campaign using the same logic as ServiceTitan DNI. This helps you see how many jobs come from each marketing channel. Scheduling Pro  jobs are also assigned the Scheduling Pro tag, which you can use to generate reports on all your Scheduling Pro jobs. Contact Scheduling Pro support to enable this feature.

February 2023


Watch the video update for Reputation here.

Reviews by Technician report added to Reports section: With the new Reviews by Technician report in the Reports section, you can generate and download reports of your customer's online reviews by technician. You can use this information to monitor which of your technicians generate the most reviews and the average rating of each technician's reviews.

Onboarding wizard now available for Marketing Pro Reputation: Onboarding Marketing Pro Reputation was a time-consuming and highly manual process requiring guidance from ServiceTitan. Now, the new onboarding wizard guides you step-by-step through the onboarding process. You can activate and start using the product without any assistance.

New fields added to manage business listings in Marketing Pro Reputation: You can now manage the Location Status, Website, Hours of Operation, Service Area, Business Description, Google Attributes, Email, Brands, and Languages for your business listing in ServiceTitan. With these new fields, you can ensure your customers have accurate information and optimize your listings for local search.


Watch the video update for Ads here.

 Keyword column added to Performance Table in Ads Measurement : You can now view performance data segmented by Keyword in Ads Measurement. This helps you to make marketing optimization decisions at a more granular level.

Additional conversion actions are now sent to Google Ads: Before, only Lead call conversions were sent to Google Ads. Now, the following customer journey steps are also sent to Google Ads:
All inbound calls
Web form submissions
Booking submissions
Booked job events
This helps you improve ad performance through more granular funnel data in ServiceTitan.

Explore and purchase Ads Optimizer at your convenience: If you already have Marketing Pro and are interested in upgrading to Ads Optimizer, you can now assess its benefits and purchase it directly within ServiceTitan. Additionally, you can use Ads Optimizer without committing annually. You can turn it on and off at any time you choose. This allows you to make informed decisions in your own time and at your own pace, removing the need to reach out to your sales representative. Watch video.

December 2023


SMS for Unsold Estimates Follow Ups: Previously, you could create only email or direct mail marketing campaigns to follow up on unsold estimates. Now, you can follow up on unsold estimates using SMS Text Message - Transactional Campaigns. These campaigns allow you to take advantage of the better response rates for text messages versus email or direct mail


Customer Review reports added to Reports section: With the new review reports in the Reports section you can generate and download the reports of your customers’ online reviews.

Updates in the review requests in Marketing Pro Reputation: When manually sending a review request for a job with multiple technicians, the inserted technician name is now the tech who triggered the request. When automatically sending a review request where technicians worked an equal amount of time, the inserted technician’s name is now based on who has the higher percentage of invoice splits. 

Syncs most recent Yelp reviews: Previously, we synced your three featured reviews, determined by Yelp, into Reputation Management every night. Now, we sync your three most recent reviews. This allows more of your Yelp reviews to display in Reputation Management and prevents duplicates


Improvements to auto-mapping for Ads campaigns: Now, when you integrate an Ads account in ServiceTitan, you can turn off Auto-Map if you’d prefer to map your campaigns manually. You can also rename mapped campaigns in ServiceTitan and it won’t be overwritten by Google Ads.

Ads Lead metrics now include more scenarios that count as a lead: Now, the Leads metric in Marketing Pro Ads includes the following:
-Booked phone calls
-Unbooked phone calls over 60 seconds that aren't excused
-Excused calls where the excused reason is set to Is Lead
-Abandoned or excused calls where the customer booked a job within seven days of the call
-Lead forms received from the API or Zapier
-Bookings received from the API or Zapier
-Manual Calls


Create email campaigns quickly and easily using campaign templates: Campaign templates have almost everything you need to launch your campaign already configured. The user experience interface was also improved to help guide you through creating email campaigns from scratch. The improved user experience interface and campaign templates were designed to make the campaign creation process more enjoyable.


Winter 2023 Marketing Campaigns eBook: Get the latest email and direct mail templates geared towards campaigns you can run during the winter months.

November 2023


Reputation surveys now include time limitation for sending text messages: To prevent disturbing customers after-hours, survey text messages will automatically observe evening 'quiet hours' and only deliver during the day. Any surveys triggered during the evening will be delivered the following morning. 

Added to Settings: Review Response Generator - powered by Titan Intelligence: We’ve created a separate Settings section for the Review Response Generator - powered by TI, where you can turn the feature on or off. 

Updates to technician name on review requests: When manually sending a review request for a job with multiple technicians, the inserted technician name will be the tech who triggered the request. When automatically sending a review request where technicians worked an equal amount of time, the inserted technician’s name will be based on who has the higher percentage of invoice splits. 


Marketing Pro template in TitanExchangeThe Marketing Pro template is available in TitanExchange. This helps users, network owners, and tenants to easily share and pull Marketing Pro email templates.


New email templates and direct mail templates in Marketing Pro include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday - Home Lighting Discounts
  • New Year
  • Fixing Leaky Roofs

Fall 2023 Marketing Campaigns eBook

If you are looking for some inspiration on what campaigns to run, we’ve got you covered! Check out the new Fall Campaigns eBook with tons of email and direct mail campaign templates to choose from. 

September/October 2023



  • Pricing Updates: 4x6 are now 70 cents per piece. Postage and Printing will be listed as separate line items on your invoice. Read here for details.


Reputation Review Response Generator: Powered by Titan Intelligence this feature allows you to generate tailored responses to reviews in just one click and match the voice and tone of your brand.

Attach multiple technicians to verified reviews: Previously, you could only attach one technician to a review survey based on the technician who spent the most working hours on the job. Now, you can add more than one technician to a review to assign job credits to multiple technicians.

Filter Reviews and Monitoring screens using the updated Location filter: Now, you can use the updated Location Filter that includes the location name and the full address. This helps you easily drill down the information on the Monitoring and  Reviews screens.

Customize follow-up messages asking for reviews: Previously, follow-up messages were sent to your customers with the initial survey request information. Now you can customize the message to make them feel more personal and less spammy.

Listings and Review Management are disconnected in Reputation: If you use a different vendor for managing Listings but will want to use Marketing Pro - Reputation, this feature lets you keep your Reviews active while your Listings remain inactive. This is useful during Reputation onboarding when transferring listings ownership can delay customers from activating reviews.


New email templates and direct mail templates in Marketing Pro include:

  • World Alzheimers' Awareness Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Roofing - Why Metal Roofs are an Eco-Winner

July/August 2023


Opportunity Predictor: By using the propensity score powered by Titan Intelligence, you can now target a specific segment group and increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns.


Custom Fields in Audiences: Enable "Use as Filter in Audience" to view custom fields when creating a retention audience. These updates help increase your audience targeting options.


Custom Fields in Email Merge Tags: Use custom fields in email merge tags to create more personalized email campaigns.

New Default Merge Tags in Email Campaign Subject Line: Personalize your emails by using more default merge tags in your campaigns' subject line. This makes it easy for you customers to refer to these email campaigns later.


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