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Product Updates


  • Ads Optimizer Beta is now available to all Marketing Pro customers with Ads. We are offering Ads Optimizer Beta for FREE until SEPTEMBER 4.  If you already have Marketing Pro - Ads, be sure to complete set up of Ads Measurement (integrate Google Ads, Google Analytics and Dynamic Call Tracking) so you can uncover wasted ad spend and begin using the Optimizer beta that will drive higher ROI of your digital ad budget.


  • Equipment service check-in campaign - Power Outages
  • Fall maintenance - All trades
  • Spring into savings! Refresh your plumbing with exlusive offers
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Every droplet counts - commitment to conserving water

Get started with these new templates!

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Coming Soon

  • Custom Field updates in Audience BuilderChoose which custom fields you want to enable and use as filters when creating new audiences of existing customers.
  • Post Off-Website Conversions into Google Analytics - Marketing Pro will send conversions to Google Analytics when an off-website call happens. Any call made to a tracking number that is outside of Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is now counted as a conversion event in Google Analytics. This helps ensure all customer calls are included in your analytics.
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Score - powered by Titan Intelligence - This features uses advanced algorithms to predict buying behavior of different neighborhoods and categorizes Low/Medium/High propensity to buy. You can use these insights to improve targeting and drive higher conversions.
  • Campaign Templates - Create campaigns quickly by using pre-built campaign templates or create a campaign from scratch using a new, easier to use campaign building flow.

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[Webinar On-Demand]  Feed the Funnel: 6 Ways to Improve Lead Quality

Learn how your marketing operation can control lead quality by improving what goes into your funnel. You will learn:

  • Best practices for improving quality of leads generated by email and direct mail
  • Best practices on improving lead quality from digital ads
  • How Ads Optimizer automates the enrichment of data used by Google Ads and helps optimize for sales
  • How Ads Optimizer provides deeper insights to improve your return on ad spend

>>Watch Webinar 

Also check out this webinar: Measuring Marketing Performance

Throttling Budget Based on Capacity

Traditional marketing has always suffered from a lack of flexibility. You picked a monthly budget, then let the budget run throughout the month without any ability to change things up part way through the month. Part of the beauty of digital marketing is the possibility to scale your budget up and down instantaneously.

However, many marketers in the trades are following a traditional mindset and not taking advantage of budget throttling, leading to wasted ad dollars and missed opportunities. This article teaches marketers how to throttle budgets to maximize profits.

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Marketing Pro at Pantheon - September 11-13

Have you signed up for Pantheon 2023 yet? Check out this amazing agenda jam packed with insightful sessions, keynotes, networking opportunities, expo halls and a One Republic concert! The Marketing Pro team will be there to help you learn and discover all things Marketing Pro so register NOW.

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