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When creating your direct mail postcards in Marketing Pro, either to acquire new customers or engage existing ones, it's important to keep the following best practices in mind. Listed below are the first three tips from our in-house Marketing Pro designer, Cecy Blyumin. Click on the download link below to see her whole list of best practices, that you can also share with your own designer or agency if you need to.

Best Practices

1. Use our templates when starting a new direct mail template from the Marketing Pro Template library. We have an extensive library that spans across so many different kinds of promotions that will fit your business needs.

2. Keep it simple with your designs. It's true when they say less is more. You want to captivate your audience with bright colors but avoid using neon as it’s hard to read.

3. Use clear and high resolution images for your designs. You’re spending so much time designing your direct mail, the last thing you want is for the image to be blurry and pixelated.

Click here to see more best practices:

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