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Now Available with Marketing Pro - Ads: Web Lead Form Attribution

We are excited to announce that we now support Web Lead Form attribution. This means that when a customer visits your website and fills out a form, the submission and web session details can be sent directly to ServiceTitan. Your new marketing dashboard will now include form submissions alongside phone calls. 

Note that this feature is for web contact forms and should be treated differently than appointment schedulers like Schedule Engine or ServiceTitan’s web scheduler. The new ServiceTitan web scheduler will work automatically if Ads Measurement is enabled. To pass attribution data for ScheduleEngine, follow these steps.

Web form tracking is an important step in completing the attribution picture for your marketing. You can set up form tracking by completing the following:

  1. Ask your CSM to turn on the “Create Leads from unbooked calls and bookings” feature for your account, if you don’t have it already.
  2. Integrate the form into ServiceTitan (requires developer experience)
  3. Add Marketing Attribution to the submitted lead forms (requires developer experience)
  4. Make sure your CSR team is aware of this new way of handling form leads, as outlined here.

Note that ServiceTitan will not post web form conversions into Google Analytics - you should continue using your current method of conversion tracking, but it will post Google Ad conversions into ServiceTitan Call Conversion Action in Google Ads. However, ServiceTitan will post revenue from form submission jobs into both Google Ads and Analytics.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am working on getting this done. One thing I noticed is that it goes to Leads and not Bookings. is there a way to get alert of a lead? it doesnt show the red 1 like the bookings page does!

I was hoping this went to Bookings, but doesn't look like that is the case!

any ideas or thoughts?

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