Audience Downloaded to Excel is a Mess

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When looking at the names in the audience everything looks great.  When it is downloaded to excel anyone with 2 owners with different last names does not download the same Example: if John Smith & Mary Jones own the home, it shows up on Excel as John Jones.  If there is a comma after the last name with Jr. then Jr. shows up as the first name (Alex Green, Jr will show up as Jr. Green),.

I need a fix for this so that I do not have to go through the list every month checking and fixing these issues.


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Tharding - what is happening is Marketing Pro's audience tool is trying to automatically detect the first & last name for the merge tags used in the campaign builder. For your first example, it's trying to detect the first name by taking the first text string and last name by taking the last text string. For example, if the name was John & Mary Jones then it would pull "John" as first name and "Jones" as last name. In your second example, the algorithm is trying to rectify a common issue where names are entered as LastName, First Name. So, when it detects a comma in the name it automatically swaps the FirstName and LastName designators.

This is all really good feedback for ServiceTitan, because this could be resolved if they had an option for First Name and Last Name fields on the Customer & Location records themselves. I had submitted an idea for this a while back, I encourage you to upvote it: Separate First Name Field and Last Name Field in Customer and Location Profiles

In the meantime, I suggest using Reports instead of Audience Builder to grab the names in the original format as shown on the Customer record. 



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