Marketing PRO Audience Builder Question

I'm a new user on marketing pro and looking to build an audience for thank you's on FIRST-TIME customers only.Direct mail as a first time and email for subsequent jobs.Based on some trial and error I believe I can accomplish this with both Job Inclus...

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Resolved! New Direct Mail Sizes

I remember it was mentioned at one of the Marketing breakout sessions at Pantheon with new sizes coming for Direct Mail postcards. I think 6x9 and 8.5x11 was mentioned. Is there an ETA on when one or both might be released? I see the 6x9 option but i...

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Templates released and Marketing Summits Coming Up!

Did you know that with Marketing Pro, there is a whole team that makes templates specifically designed for the trades with strategy in mind?! Well, now you do! Check out our FREE Direct Mail Gallery (you must sign into your Canva account to access, y...

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Scheduling Semi-Annual Direct Mail Campaigns

Hi - our company has a membership service that includes semi-annual coupons. We would like to schedule an automated sending of these coupons via a direct mail campaign in ServiceTitan. Does anyone have a good way to create an audience of those in a m...

Resolved! Automating a Direct Mail Campaign

When selecting Automated for delivery logic on a direct mail campaign, how do I specify the cadence for the regular scheduling of sending the mail? I'd like to automate sending a new client a postcard when they sign up for our service. I have created...

New Templates Released in Marketing Pro!

Did you know that with Marketing Pro, we make templates specifically designed for the trades with strategy in mind?! Well, now you do! For all those attending our SOLD OUT Marketing Summit in Austin, we can't wait to see you next week! If you are int...

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