Is your Marketing working? Leads Generated per Day (too low)

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We have been looking at industry KPI for the last few weeks and we all know that we need to generate leads whether it be in the service calls or in replacements. We sometimes get stuck in a rut and use the same tools repeatedly saying to ourselves it worked before it will work again. It's in these times when we see leads in every category start to erode. So, what do we as owners or managers need to do to take corrective actions?  You need to admit 2 things and then in a proactive manner react to grow your business. So, you ask what do I need to admit:

  1. You’re experiencing marketing challenges.
  2. You’re experiencing operational challenges.

We are going to break these out in two different posts this week to help you react in that proactive manner to grow your business:

  1. Evaluate and address any marketing issues you may have.                                                                         Management Actions (potential solutions):  
  • Review the timing and placement of your advertising initiatives.
  • Review your marketing calendar.  Assuming you’re regularly tracking where calls are coming from, determine if you’re getting the desired response based upon when and where you’re advertising.
  • Seed your mail drops—be sure to include your own address each time you mail something to ensure that it’s getting distributed.
  • Experiment with your advertising medium and the days of the week.  If you’re not getting a response on Monday drops, push them to Wednesdays.  If radio spots aren’t getting a response on the weekends, move them to the workweek.
  • Review your marketing plan.  If you don’t have a marketing plan, develop one.
  • Review source performance.  Assuming you’re regularly tracking where calls are coming from, determine if you’re getting the desired response based upon when and where you’re advertising.
  • Review the offers in your advertising.  Determine if you are promoting something that potential clients/homeowners would find interesting.  Make sure that every advertisement that you mail, publish, broadcast, etc. has an offer.
  • Review your list.  Determine if you’re targeting the right customers.  You may have lists that no longer are effective or contain old information.
  • Utilize the allotted advertising investment that you budgeted.
  • Create a departmentalized marketing plan.  Have a plan for replacement, service, and scheduled service advertising.  It will help you determine which pieces are generating a bigger response and which ones are not as effective.
  • Assess your expectations for your marketing initiatives.
  • Define what marketing results you expect from each of your departments: advertising for scheduled service, repair, and replacement.
  • Review how many leads each advertising initiative generated versus what you expected from it.  Make adjustments to future marketing plans based upon your results.
  • Review the types of consumers you’re targeting—ensure that you’re addressing the right audience.
  • Test your messages in your advertising.  Determine which ones homeowners respond to and which ones do not generate a response.  It’s absolutely essential that you track how each phone call is generated.
  • Duplicate the message that resonates most with your target audience.

As you read through this does any of this resonate on what is going on in your business?  Are you really tracking your marketing ROI?  These are 2 questions you need to ask yourself. Take a look at the tools the ST platform has either inegrated or partnered with. MarketingPro may be your answer or just using some of our API integrations may give you the answers and results you are looking for.


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@wpowers11 Love this! 🙂

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This is a great list Bill! I'll be using this as a checklist on a monthly and quarterly basis.