Web Scheduler Awesome but needs work asap.

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Can we get some mojo for the awesome web scheduler? It's great but needs immediate attention. It's like the beta never moved past that stage. The web scheduler needs work in terms of what we can customize. The functionality and the phone number lookup are amazing. The overly simple look and inability to change basically anything is a bummer. You can't even change the name from "Welcome to Web Scheduler" which doesn't make sense for everyone and is pretty corny. "What type of service do you need?" is the next part. What if not everything is a service? What if I want to schedule a sales appointment or consultation? Or a delivery? There is no way to schedule and 'estimate/quote/pickup/delivery/sales/return' or "Gutter Guard Estimate" but then you can schedule "Install Shower" which makes no sense. There is no place to add instructions for the customer anywhere. What if we want to let them know we have loads of services that can only be scheduled via phone (many of our services don't fit in the form like "blow in insulation" or
"Gutter Glove Install"?

Next step it says: "Tell us more about the issue (optional). More detailed information can help us solve the problem." What if it's not an issue or a problem? Installing a water heater is neither an issue, nor a problem and this sounds overly negative. If anything, pls change it to "Add any details you wish to". No clue what the "problem" part is there for. People know why they add details to a form. It's to help solve the problem. Let's use that space to say "(Ex: 'We have a dog' or 'The gate code is #123')" We don't even want that part for details and we can't hide it. You can't even customize anything until the thank you message which for some reason is limited to like 80 characters. 😕 random number even. 80? not 128?  Makes no sense.  We need to tell the user what is next and what to expect , and not just in the email, in the scheduler, like "Almost done! Thank you for scheduling. You will receive an email shortly with your requested appointment information. You will also receive a phone call during business hours to confirm your appointment. If you don't receive a call and/or an email, please check your spam and/or call 916-609-2665, M-F, 8AM - 5PM. After hours answering service avail 24/7. ALL APPOINTMENTS must be confirmed by call or text so please be sure to answer and thank you for trusting Clarke & Rush Mechanical!".. Here is what I can put in there ""Almost done! Thank you for scheduling. You will receive an email shortly with y". Can they at least make the last part longer? It's called "Message Customization" the third section of the form builder. Make it like 1000characters. Not sure why they even care how long that is. 

How can we participate in getting this fast tracked? You can see we have a lot of needs but also a lot of input and enthusiasm to get this worked on. Also some of the fixes like the text length could be fixed in mere seconds. If anything, make it all more generic if we can't. Don't use words like "problem" or "service" or ask for details on the repair even. That's our job! If they know what's wrong they don't need us. We DON'T want to ask. If they want to tell us not to let Fido out, by all means. 

Email me. I'm sending a copy of this to our success person. Thx. 


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I could be wrong, but with ServiceTitans acquisition(?) of Schedule Engine I wouldn't expect to see any changes in the web scheduler from ServiceTitan. I'd expect it to be phased out and for us to need to use a Schedule Engine integration for web scheduling... it's the nature of the beast I suppose.

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Good answer. I already expect zero changes so I'm not disappointed 900 times out of 40 but, I don't think this will be phased out at all. They need this and they would be trendy if they put all their eggs in the "get rid of humans" basket. For us it's just another lead-gen but its the best one we have. I don't want to make one. The marketing utm info is tight too. The tracking is way tighter on a form vs the DNI thing. Forms are so much better for tracking vs calls. I agree they won't do or listen to or read any of this. It's therapy. 😕 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

The last I heard, the integrated ServiceTitan Web Scheduler will continue to be "core product" while Schedule Engine will be the upgraded version available to those who need more functionality.

Pam Duffy, Powerhouse Consulting Group
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I don't know what that means. Does that mean "they are working on it"? That's the standard answer for status quo. I have had some luck pushing this boulder uphill via the support team and our "success vacationer" who has permanent out of office / pre-sorry for lagging turned on. They are not giving out the integrations email anymore but phone support will escalate. The language on the form is circa 1997. We need them to make it generic now, today, not later, open a file, change, save, done. Sadly it will be months to update an html page. 😕 "Gee, i would love to get your marketing" checkbox especially. It's not even correctly applied for the current laws. They are opting in to any communication AND it doesn't update. You have to do that manually. Every user has opt in buried in their profile. Lots of this is straight broken. Phone support is awesome but they suggest this community when I am on the phone with an actual employee. It's pretty sad.