Cumbersome Service Agreements - Final Work Product

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I may be missing something with Service Agreements, but I find the final work product presented to the customer cumbersome, overwhelming and difficult to read.  Example: One of our customers has 7 locations with 3 pieces of equipment per location.  Each location requires at least 25 visits, some 45 visits.  The final work product is over 70 pages long.  Additionally I find the document template to restrictive: unable to suppress the street address for the 7 locations (the customers "locations" are in a complex that have the same street address), you cannot resize the columns, can't add page numbers, can't reorder how information is displayed within a section.  Support and training on the document templates is non existent.  What am I missing?


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Same here. The service agreements will work so much better for our company since we are more commercially based but I find the document template and creating the agreement so difficult and time consuming. Something that usually prints out as two pages is now super long and difficult to read.

I'm glad you were able to get the guidance you needed.

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We're having the same headache. Not sure how to solve this. 

Nicole, Air Flo Heating

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Nicole - had a meeting (virtual) with a member of the customer success team.  Very helpful.  As of today's date, SA are in beta and are still being developed.  All of the concerns I had were well received and are being taken to the developers to review and make changes.  STRONGLY recommend to contact your CST to discuss your concerns & pain points. 

Jennifer, RJW Mechanical