Dismissing Membership Renewals

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Hey Hey! 

Does anyone know of a way to dismiss membership renewals so they are out of the expiring membership screen in the Follow Up's Tab?  We are making sure to notate on the customer notes portion but we aren't seeing a way to completely dismiss them if the client doesn't want to renew at all or in some cases where the client has renewed but it was later on & sold as a new membership. 

Thank you for any help 😊 


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If you are still looking for assistance on this, here is how you can dismiss the membership renewal:

  • Select the checkbox to the left of the Expiring Membership(s) you would like to dismiss
  • Click the "Bulk Edit" button
  • Select the "Set Opportunity Status" option, then select "Dismissed" and the desired reason.
  • Then click "Apply" at the bottom.


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I'm curious about the same thing!