Is there a way to ADD a membership instead of having to SELL it? IF you sell the membership, it generates an invoice. There use to be a button choice for either sell or add. The add has been removed.

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Hi Becky! The Add Membership button has been removed from Customer profiles in ServiceTitan because it was responsible for incorrect workflows, and resulted in inaccurate reporting. Additionally, it also conflicted with various membership functionality, deferred revenue and billing to name two. We recommend now that users choose to sell membership and manually change the price to $0.00.

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I was told to just use add recurring services to set up without selling a membership and you can still choose what type of job it is.

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We noticed that too, and it is annoying, so we have to sell a membership then add a "coupon discount" to zero out the invoice. it still generates an invoice but at least it'll be a zero amount. I liked having the add membership feature.