We just learned that when you renew a membership, the membership does not duplicate the existing membership. You have to edit recurring service months, recurring service memos, tags,etc. We have 4K memberships. Anyone have a workaround/suggestion?

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Unfortunately no, and there seems to be no solution in the works. We are actually looking at other software solutions, because it seems like copying and pasting a renewal contract should be a basic feature of any contractor software. ServiceTitan should have warned us when we switched from ongoing memberships to fixed memberships that the recurring service seasonal months would not copy to a renewal contract. We are left with three horrible choices - 1. switch software, 2. Fix the recurring services every year (and hope for a ST fix) or 3. Set up 4 new ongoing membership types and renew existing memberships into the new ongoing memberships and go back to everyone trying to figure out which inspections were paid for or due to the customer under the contract (i.e do they have to pay before scheduling spring maintenance?).

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We are having the same problem. Have you found a solution to this?



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That's one of the reasons why we use auto-renewing memberships, we kept getting duplicate memberships and it caused some issues. So we did this and now everything is fine.