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I'm getting our CCR's onboard with selling annual auto-renewals (trying really hard to get away from one-time annual renewals). We've had annual auto-renewals in place for about a year now but the buy in is hard especially because we don't have a way automate notifying clients via email that their renewal is upcoming so a year later we are getting upset clients that forgot about it. Adding this functionality to the Audience Builder in Marketing Pro would be phenomenal! There are two ideas that would help accomplish this, adding "next billing date" to the Audience Builder for Memberships and adding "billing cadence" to the Audience Builder for Memberships.

I've listed both ideas below for easy click-through to vote 🙂 Help us, help notify our customers of upcoming billings! Thank you! 💜

Audience Builder contains next Billing Date for Recurring Memberships: https://ideas.community.servicetitan.com/ideas/COMMUNITY-I-1328

Add Billing Cadence to Marketing Pro Audience: https://ideas.community.servicetitan.com/ideas/COMMUNITY-I-3477

Kristen Johnson - Office Manager - Diamond Heating Cooling, Plumbing & Electric

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

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