Crew Leader and Project Manager Daily Logs

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How are others using the features within Aspire to report 'daily logs' at the end of each day?

We typically have our crew leader and/or anyone who visits a job site (PM, owner, designer) log what they did on site that day and attach multiple photos to keep a running log of an entire project from inception ('before' site photos) through construction (progress photos) and final installation (photos for social media). Where are others recording information like this? We use the summary page feature in BuilderTrend currently, which has been invaluable for keeping a running log of what every crew finished and documented that day. Any suggestions for how to do this in Aspire mobile?


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Any ideas would be great!!!


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Hi @AEakman - Welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

@Chof22 or @malmbe - would you have any suggestions?

I'm also looking for an option for our construction teams to be able to do daily reports. I created a form template for them but didn't realize that you can only use a form once on a job.