Limited information in Mobile without opening jobs

The information a technician sees in mobile without actually opening a job is very limited. We should be able to configure this information in a way that works for our individual shops, and add custom fields if needed. Please vote for these in ideas!...

lortega_ by New Contributor
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Booking a job for multiple techs in mobile needed

When We book a job in the mobile app, it only allows us to book the job for ourselves.Often we will have a tech with a helper and if the tech picks up an extra call they can only book it for themselves and not for the helper that is riding with them....

noah_com by New Contributor II
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Mobile app. Looking up customers and old jobs/ new jobs.

I'd like my guys to be able to look up and call customers/ be able to see jobs that they were not necessarily assigned to. I keep running into situations that a job is estimated but not necessarily booked. I would like one of my leads to call the cus...

Mobile View of Technician Schedule

Why can't the techs view their schedule via mobile? We used to use non-job events for things like Time-Off and Holidays that the technician could see on their Dashboard or through All Jobs. But now that we're using the Schedule Module and setting tec...

anthonym1 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Office option on mobile app

Hello! Our plumbing and HVAC company are new to Service Titan. The previous platform we used for the office aspect had a mobile app that could be used on the road if necessary. Is there an option for the Service Titan app to have the office view as w...

Resolved! Mobile Issues

Good Morning!For the last almost 24 hours we have had our techs without the ability to use the Mobile App on their Tablets. We reached out to chat this morning and they are saying it is an isolated incident with our techs. I am not sure how this woul...

AmyKerr by New Contributor II
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Editing Techs Dashboard

Hello,I am wondering if there is a way for us to be able to edit a Technicians MOBILE dashboard. I am looking to upload and add a helpful chart for them to be able to use while out on the field. I would like for it to appear in/under the overview tab...

astacio7 by New Contributor
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Job descriptions on the All Jobs page in mobile

Hi!Is there a way, or is there a feature coming out where we can get the description of work on the All Jobs tab for the technicians?We work with clients that use us for multiple jobs at single locations. Sometimes we may have multiple quoted jobs th...

Editing the mobile scorecard

Is there any way I can edit the fields on the technician scorecard? I'd like to edit the fields to show different metrics than what are currently on there. For example, I'd like to show Number of Opportunities, Number of Replacement Opportunities, To...

bradley_ by New Contributor
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