Mobile App

Has anyone else had a lot of issues with techs closing out and the app not closing them out. We have had this happen on several occasions.

jcross by New Contributor
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Missed Meal Break Stopping Clock Out

Hi! Hoping someone can help me - If my technicians are on an all day job and don't take a meal break, they are receiving an error code that they can't clock out because they didn't take a meal break. Can I turn this setting off?

kimrahn by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Technician Dashboard

Does anyone know how to edit the technician dashboard to show sold hours? Close rate %, total revenue and average sale $ are great but we expect our team to bring their indiviudal sold hours to the daily team meeting every morning.

BRingland by New Contributor
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Mobile App Modifications

Hey Everybody,I have two questions that I am looking to get help with. 1) When in the field using the mobile app how do I look at a customers info in our database that is "not" in my history tab? Example; I get done with my day early and I want to go...

Crew Leader and Project Manager Daily Logs

How are others using the features within Aspire to report 'daily logs' at the end of each day?We typically have our crew leader and/or anyone who visits a job site (PM, owner, designer) log what they did on site that day and attach multiple photos to...

AEakman by New Contributor
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Resolved! Tech Issues with Dashboard

Good morning! We have Service Professionals that are unable to click "MORE" on the iPad in order to see Job Summary. Is anyone else having this issue or have been able to correct it?

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CatCoyle by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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currently, the technicians are only able to see the arrival window for scheduled jobs. the techs have NO ACCESS TO SEE WHEN THE JOB IS SCHEDULED TO END. This is extremely critical especially for service techs. The techs need to be able to see this in...

mcabral by New Contributor II
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Mobile App

Hello,We have a technician who has an Apple iPhone and is having issues getting the app to work. They log in and then once that happens it just does nothing but loads. The technician has tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall the app and not...

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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iPad vs Tablet using ST Mobile app

Hello, I am trying to get some feedback on how effectively an Android tablet works with the ST mobile app. We have been using iPads, but tablets are less expensive. Does anyone use tablets in the field? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Jane H.

lhajhanv by New Contributor II
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