Resolved! Tech Issues with Dashboard

Good morning! We have Service Professionals that are unable to click "MORE" on the iPad in order to see Job Summary. Is anyone else having this issue or have been able to correct it?

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CatCoyle by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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currently, the technicians are only able to see the arrival window for scheduled jobs. the techs have NO ACCESS TO SEE WHEN THE JOB IS SCHEDULED TO END. This is extremely critical especially for service techs. The techs need to be able to see this in...

mcabral by New Contributor
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Mobile App

Hello,We have a technician who has an Apple iPhone and is having issues getting the app to work. They log in and then once that happens it just does nothing but loads. The technician has tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall the app and not...

dianam8686 by New Contributor II
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iPad vs Tablet using ST Mobile app

Hello, I am trying to get some feedback on how effectively an Android tablet works with the ST mobile app. We have been using iPads, but tablets are less expensive. Does anyone use tablets in the field? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Jane H.

lhajhanv by New Contributor II
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Work Ticket Information

Is there a way to change the information available to a crew via the Mobile app? For example, when our crews pull up the information page on their mobile devices, it would be incredibly handy to have a customer's phone number and take-off lawn size.

PJ-TLI by New Contributor
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Entering Pesticide & Insecticide

Hi there,The company I work for is new to Aspire. Is there a way to input insecticide and pesticide used at a job site? It would nice to have the applicator apply the product, document it in Aspire, and then email the work ticket to the customer. Tha...

Kparris by New Contributor
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Limited information in Mobile without opening jobs

The information a technician sees in mobile without actually opening a job is very limited. We should be able to configure this information in a way that works for our individual shops, and add custom fields if needed. Please vote for these in ideas!...

lortega_ by New Contributor
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Booking a job for multiple techs in mobile needed

When We book a job in the mobile app, it only allows us to book the job for ourselves.Often we will have a tech with a helper and if the tech picks up an extra call they can only book it for themselves and not for the helper that is riding with them....

noah_com by New Contributor II
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Mobile app. Looking up customers and old jobs/ new jobs.

I'd like my guys to be able to look up and call customers/ be able to see jobs that they were not necessarily assigned to. I keep running into situations that a job is estimated but not necessarily booked. I would like one of my leads to call the cus...