Estimate Overview Screen

Hello Everyone!Has anyone had an issue with their techs screen like attached? For some reason, when creating estimates they will slide under the price options fly out and they have to rearrange them to see what was built out. Any and all info would b...

Screenshot 2023-08-04 090849.png
brodyzalesak by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Image uploads

The upload capabilities of aspire are holding us back quite a bit. We require 20-40 photos on every work order from our crews. Single uploads take way to much time. Considering we do an average of 5-6 jobs a day on each crew, This has be some quite a...

mattvp92 by New Contributor
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Text Forwarding

Hello we are finding out that this platform does not forward text messages, that it ends on ST platform. This doesnt make much sense to me. Many of us wont be on the ST page waiting for messages to come through; and customers will assume we have rece...

apolloliu by New Contributor
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View PDFs in app

It would be highly beneficial for commercial work to be able to view PDF files saved on a job,project or location without first downloading to view. Our guys use Service Titan for the commercial side they complain when we save the project files (plan...

spetrie by Contributor
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Work Ticket Information

Is there a way to change the information available to a crew via the Mobile app? For example, when our crews pull up the information page on their mobile devices, it would be incredibly handy to have a customer's phone number and take-off lawn size.

PJ-TLI by New Contributor
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Does anyone know if the technicians have the ability to add tags to their jobs through ST.

robertac by New Contributor
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Mobile app. Looking up customers and old jobs/ new jobs.

I'd like my guys to be able to look up and call customers/ be able to see jobs that they were not necessarily assigned to. I keep running into situations that a job is estimated but not necessarily booked. I would like one of my leads to call the cus...

IDEA: Pin important items to the top of the content portal

Please go vote for my idea: COMMUNITY-I-2295 I have a couple of Google forms I need my techs to be able to answer (call out, time off request, workplace injury report, etc) that I add to the content portal, but then as we add more things to the conte...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Mobile Issues

Good Morning!For the last almost 24 hours we have had our techs without the ability to use the Mobile App on their Tablets. We reached out to chat this morning and they are saying it is an isolated incident with our techs. I am not sure how this woul...

AmyKerr by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Content Portal Folders

This idea came up in my Spark Session today and we found it already exists- go vote for it! We want to be able to organize things in the Content Portal into foldersCOMMUNITY-I-302

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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