Customer Authorization Forms per Job

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We have forms set up for customer's to sign authorizing us to complete work on the property and another form the customer signs when job is completed. I have searched and searched and watched all the videos I can find on how to stop triggering that form when we send out techs or sales reps for estimate jobs. I can not find these forms in the settings under forms, so I do not know how to change them to only trigger for certain job types or calls. The manager that was here previously and did a lot of set up is no longer employed here so I can't reach out to him on what he did and where those f


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Not exactly sure which you would want to edit/remove so i'll give both routes. If you want to edit or remove the authorization do the following: Settings>Operations>Business Units>Choose applicable business unit (i.e. Estimates) then scroll down until you see the authorization paragraphs. I believe this would require a business unit specific to Estimates be created. That way you don't have to include any of the authorization wording and it wont send/wont trigger upon completing an estimate.

Hopefully this helps. As far as i know there isn't a trigger setting tied to the "Authorization/Acknowledgement statements" ST automatically triggers this if its in the business units setting.