iPad vs Tablet using ST Mobile app

Hello, I am trying to get some feedback on how effectively an Android tablet works with the ST mobile app. We have been using iPads, but tablets are less expensive. Does anyone use tablets in the field? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Jane H.

lhajhanv by New Contributor II
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Access community from mobile

It would be awesome if the technicians from mobile could access the ST community! Please vote:

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Add watermark to Estimates

Add a large watermark to estimates. Invoices and estimates look the same when sent to customers as a PDF. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) receive multiple calls daily because customers get confused between the documents. Customers mistake...

Watermark1.PNG Watermark2.PNG
legacyde by New Contributor II
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Unable to play videos

I am unable to play videos attached to work orders. I am using Chrome, but I also tried in Edge, with no luck. However, I am able to view the video on my phone. It downloads the file when opening it. I checked all my browser settings on my pc and it ...

Single search for mobile user

Please give an option to my technicians in the field to do a "search all" when looking for a specific item. My technicians do not always know the difference between a service/task, equipment, and material... and honestly, for some items the line is a...

KristiEK by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Mobile Sandbox

Is there a way for office staff to access the mobile sandbox from their desktops? I'm frequently getting questions about the mobile app from our techs, but without having access to mobile it's proving difficult to find solutions for them. TIA!

Kayladeej by New Contributor III
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Viewing Forms

Hey Everyone Just Curious If there is an Easier was to View a Service location Form other then Scrolling down the Job Page and finding the Little Eye Ball and Clicking on it. Im Hoping their is a Setting we can turn on to make this alot easier to Vie...

Patches by New Contributor II
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Being able to stay signed in on multiple devices

It would be great if you could stay signed in on multiple devices, and just specify which device you want your location pulled from. We use both tablets and phones, and often switch back and forth depending on the task. It takes a lot of time to sign...