Customer Calls via Mobile - Poor Sound Quality

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Our techs have been experiencing poor sound quality and delays when speaking to customers via the ST app, e.g. when calling the customer through the app.

They are in an area with good voice/cell and data signals.

Sound quality is clear with no delays when calling customers directly from the same mobile device, outside of ST, e.g. from the cell phone itself.

Anyone else experiencing this and have you found a viable solution/work-around?


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Hi @d1nonly10,

Have you reached out to support with call examples? Support team will be able to investigate into the issue.


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This was attempted – however, there are no current tools in ST mobile to capture any information to help perform diagnostics when this issue arises.

The response of “Contact ST support” when this happens is not a solution as it is difficult to reproduce the issues with support as you are on the phone with Support and need the same phone to reproduce the error.

I am not sure if ST is working on any back-end tools [such as logs, device settings, network signals strengths etc.] that may be available on the mobile device to send to Tech Support from time-to-time to help resolve in-field issues.

Hope this feedback helps and additional tools will be added to the mobile client to help with diagnostics in the future. Perhaps add them to the ST-NN release notes and web casts etc. This end of the business [mobile] seems to be lacking or not well supported. Then again – we are only 7-months into the ST solutions.