How about a Photo album option

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Happy 2024!

I have an old Idea that has not *yet* made traction. 

However, I am confident it will be such a handy tool for all users! I propose a function to go through all the photos taken on jobs in one collective place-- Like a photo album.

This will be helpful for MANY reasons- but 2 quick ones are

1)when your comfort advisors on onsite giving a quote, they can have a filtered collection of current and quality install photos that support the reason why they are there. this collection can stay current easily and will be consistent throughout the company

2) Any social media post can quickly be created (perhaps in Marketing pro) by sifting through photos ONLY and your admin team will no longer have to sift through customer files looking at photos that may or may not pertain to the post they want to create - wasting so much time!

here is the link to my idea: It is still super rough-- but I know it will be great!


Ashley Gulevich
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Coastal Heat Pumps
Victoria -BC- Canada

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@ashley_c1, thanks for sharing the upvote link! This is such an amazing idea💡