ESign Estimates/Invoices and Payment links

E SignIn Mobile, click Invoice, then Sign, then E Sign --- The E Sign document/signature never presents the ACTUAL invoice to be signed - it just sends the authorization paragraph. This seems like a major bug - how do I get a remote signature from Mo...

Permissions to Edit

ABOUT TECHNICIANSI've got some non-managed techs and I was hoping to give them the ability to see what's on an invoice but not to edit the invoice. Why is this not possible?

Resolved! Job Elapsed Time Readout

One of our technicians requested the ability to easily see a stopwatch-type readout while he is clocked into a job. For example, if he is instructed to perform about 15 minutes of troubleshooting as part of our flat rate pricing, it would be nice to ...

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Adding Equipment to Estimate from ST Mobile

Has anyone found a work around for being able to attach equipment to tasks on an estimate in mobile? I know its not a feature available for Mobile users but it is a feature available for Office Users. So weird. This has become a problem for my Trade ...

Msimeonoff by New Contributor II
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