Making outbound calls from job history

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My guys and I are wondering why we can't make an outbound call to a customer from history?  after the job is complete, we can see contact details but can't click the buttons to call.  that means a tech that wants to call a customer to check if the repair is perfect cant call unless he uses his own phone number of call blocks.  Seems like an easy one that should stay available.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hoping they add this functionality with the new design of the field mobile app.  Navigating the follow-up to find a phone number to dial a customer is a huge hassle and very tedious.  

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This is a huge headache for my team too. Follow up tab can be difficult to navigate and if for some reason the technician didn't leave an estimate while he was physically onsite, the customer doesn't appear in the follow up tab. If the history tab isn't masking the contact information, there doesn't seem to be a good, logical reason not to be able to call from that tab. 

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this is an issue for our guys as well.   We have to create a "job" for them to call out on when  customer wants them to call them.   This would be very helpful task.      If it can be done when job is open should be an easy upgrade to do the same when job is closed since they can see the history

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @WaterlinePlumb, thanks for bringing this topic to our attention! 

You're right, it will not let the technician make an outbound call once the job is completed. The tech can view the contact details and the customer's number but can't actually call. The way around this is if the tech has permission to book a job, they can search for the customer and call them that way.