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When jobs are scheduled on our technicians, they can add estimates to those jobs. However, once a job has been completed by the technician, they are unable to add additional estimates without assistance from the office staff or trying workarounds that aren't optimal. We frequently run into the issue of our techs quoting repairs or just being on site for a maintenance that didn't require any estimates but then later in the evening or the following day the customer calls the tech's work phone directly from the business card they're given and says "can you send me an estimate for replacement of XYZ". The techs can go into the history and find the job but under the estimates section, the "add estimate" option is greyed out and they can't access it. Making this a possibility for the techs would be extremely helpful. Our plumbing technicians are not paid hourly, they are piece work and commissioned sales, so many of them like to still work on estimates in the evening well after office hours have ended. 

As it stands, they're forced to use a couple alternatives. 
-Duplicating an estimate (Not helpful if there were no estimates originally provided on the job)
-Having the office manually input the estimate to the customer account through a desktop ST account (Doesn't assign to the technician and show up in their follow ups, also much more difficult to attach to a job than a standard estimate from a job)
-Technician self-books a job on their schedule and drops the estimate in that job to email to the customer (downside is they cannot dispatch/arrive to complete that job without notifications going to the customer since the tech can't turn off job notifications from ST Mobile)


So in essence, adding the ability for the technician to enter their history on ST mobile and add an estimate to a job would be the best change but at minimum, allowing them to turn the job notifications off from ST mobile after self-booking a job would work as well. 




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Hi Michael! I happened to find a related video from BCN that may help you out. You are on the right track regarding duplicating the estimates. Just create a blank estimate for use later! Not ideal but it could be another workaround for you until the correct feature is implemented.



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There is a community Idea for this that is "under consideration" (it's definitely one I've voted for). I would love to see this change as well 💜

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