Tech can't pull up any pricebook at all in mobile. It works on phone but not on ipad.

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My 2 newest techs have been set up on the same iPads that my other techs have.  We have verified the operating system versions, the app version and it even says on the app in the store that it is compatible with the device.  I have many other techs who have been set up for a while and who are continuing to work just fine even with the devices being updated.  We have set them side by side and went through all settings and can not find any differences.  We have again factory reset the ipads and still can't get it to work.  

It is also kicking them out of the app and not saving login information like it has in the past or like it is currently doing with the other technicians.  

Does anyone have any ideas of what could possibly be going on or anything to try?


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Hi! If you have tried mirroring the settings and just about everything else, we have had some success with getting mobile features to work for individuals on our team who experienced similar things. You can try to deactivate the technician and reactivate them. Also, be sure to double-check the permissions. Hope this helps!