Single search for mobile user

Please give an option to my technicians in the field to do a "search all" when looking for a specific item. My technicians do not always know the difference between a service/task, equipment, and material... and honestly, for some items the line is a...

KristiEK by New Contributor II
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Ability to combine multiple estimates

I would like to see my technicians have the ability to combine multiple estimates within a ticket so that when the customer receives the estimate, they get a total quote for an entire job versus multiple estimates that they then need to navigate and ...

Technician Ability to change specific Service Prices

It would be nice for the Technicians to have the ability to change only specific Service Item Prices.Vote for COMMUNITY-I-1870 idea if this is something you would like to see!!I like that you can set the parameter that they can't change any price in ...

Mobile PO Question

Can a tech create a PO on a job BEFORE dispatch? I'm testing and it doesn't seem like they can. I don't want them to dispatch before they stop at the supply house but I also don't want them to have to call for a PO.

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Proposal Templates

Can we please get categories for our proposal templates? It would make it soooo much easier for our Techs to find.


Hello! We have had a lot of issues with the mobile side of the pricebook showing a $0.00 sell price on a lot of our material items. On the office side we can see our cost and sell price, but our techs keep showing $0.00 sell price and we can't seem t...

dahlbyw by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Price book

Need a way for the Tec's to see price book without being in a job invoice!

Bott1940 by New Contributor
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Technician permissions

We are needing our technicians to have access to our customers info/history, pricebook pricing and pictures from previous jobs without having to book a job. Is there something on the mobile permissions that we can allow that? Most of the time they ne...

jasonhoe by New Contributor II
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good better best

We want to change how we present to a customer on the options that they have. As of now it is set up as (good better best) for your options. We would like it to go (best better good) so that the customer is looking at their best option first. By doin...

ehcmgr by New Contributor
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