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Does anyone know how to edit the technician dashboard to show sold hours? Close rate %, total revenue and average sale $ are great but we expect our team to bring their indiviudal sold hours to the daily team meeting every morning.


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @BRingland 

Sometimes sold hours are referred to as "billable" hours and you can find this under the productivity tab in the technician scorecard sections on the default dashboard. This KPI refers to the sold hours on invoiced items from completed jobs and technicians will need to have splits from the invoice. Mouse over the column headers and you'll get a pop up that helps describe what the KPI is looking at exactly. 

Keep in mind too, if you're referring to strictly estimate sales metrics like for comfort advisors and not invoiced revenue, then you'll need to be looking at the sale tab and any "sales" not revenue metrics. There is also a close ratio for sold estimates and you can build a custom dashboard and use an estimate or technician performance-type report template if you want to see the estimates sold billable hours.

Let me know if you have questions!!