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Missed sales opportunities are a significant concern for all shops, but sifting through numerous calls to find potential leads can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Fortunately, ServiceTitan introduces a game-changing Phones Pro feature called Second Chance Leads, powered by Titan Intelligence. 

This cutting-edge feature automatically reviews and flags unbooked calls that can be saved with a quick follow-up call back to the homeowner —  increasing your revenue by up to 2% without increasing your marketing spend.*

Second Chance Leads utilizes the advanced tools and methods of Titan Intelligence to build an algorithm that predicts the likelihood that a call was a lead, resulting in a high level of accuracy. In fact, 65% of Second Chance Leads users earned enough additional revenue from the feature to pay for their entire Phones Pro subscription.* 

By automatically reviewing and flagging unbooked, abandoned, and excused calls, Second Chance Leads streamlines your sales process and ensures you capitalize on potential leads that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

If you are an existing Phones Pro user, Second Chance Leads is already available in your account and can be found in Settings > Phones Pro > Second Chance Leads. Turn on the setting to start earning more revenue with Second Chance Leads today!

Not on Phones Pro yet? Click here to request a personalized demo and learn how Phones Pro can help you drive higher booking rates, grow revenue, and improve efficiency.


* Based on 30 days of usage; your results may vary. 

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