Dynamic Pricing vs Client Specific Pricing

New Contributor

Just looking for a little bit of insight. Our company is about 50% Commercial and 50% Residential. We originally set up dynamic pricing for our residential customers and created a client specific pricing rule for all of our commercial customers. We didn't realize that you weren't able to use both.  What is everyone else doing if they want a higher labor rate for commercial than residential? Are you using client specific pricing? I guess any insight would be helpful. Maybe we aren't understanding fully what the difference is between dynamic and client specific is. 


New Contributor III

I use client-specific pricing. We have different mark-ups for different job types. Within client-specific pricing, you can make different rate sheets. I name each of our rate sheets, and then when you go to invoice a customer, you can choose which rate sheet you apply to that invoice. 

In rate sheets, you can have different mark-ups.