Low-to-No Connection Pricebook Synchronization

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🔊 Calling all Service Titan users! 📢

We've encountered a challenge with Titan's functionality that we believe needs your attention and support. When it comes to syncing offline activities and generating invoices in areas with limited connectivity, we've noticed a significant hurdle. Despite the offline syncing feature, we've found that the technology falls short in forming pricing through Pricebook items when the connection is weak. This limitation makes offline syncing much less effective and forces us to rely on a stable internet connection to fully utilize Titan's potential.

Here's where we need your input and support: we're proposing an enhancement that could revolutionize Titan's capabilities. Our suggestion is to enable Titan to create invoices from offline activities even in scenarios where the connection isn't optimal. By allowing the system to utilize Pricebook items for offline invoice generation, users like us would be able to seamlessly continue our work, no matter the quality of our connection. This upgrade would significantly boost Titan's usability and convenience, making it an even more valuable tool for a wide range of situations.

As of now, we're making do by using Titan only when we're sure of having a strong and stable internet connection or resorting to third-party apps with stagnant pricing for reference. However, this approach greatly hampers our productivity and forces us into a corner of depending solely on consistent connectivity, which isn't always possible—especially in remote or unstable network environments. By implementing offline invoice generation based on price book items, we could bid farewell to these workarounds, ensuring a smoother workflow and unlocking the full potential of Titan.

We invite you to join us in pushing for this enhancement by voting for the idea on the following link: Ideas Link. Your votes and support could drive positive change and elevate the Titan experience for everyone. Let's make Titan the best it can be, together! 🚀🔧💡 #TitanEnhancement #PowerOfCommunity


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We also live in a area where cell service is bad but when there is little to no internet service, our techs will resort to paper invoices and memory prices. Not always the best way to do business.

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Thanks @LBabayan ,

Our main concern with this issue isn't the sync itself but while on a low to no connection, all pricebook items are set at zero dollars. So their ability to pull the originally designed value is removed during a low-to-no connection. Therefore they can't complete the ticket or get customer approval (due to lack of pricing) until they leave the site for a better connection. 

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Hi @josh_via

Thanks for sharing the upvote link. I can see how immensely helpful implementig this idea would be💡