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Hi ServiceTitan Community! 

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Are there any fellow roofing contractors out there using ServiceTitan that would be willing to share how they have their pricebook structured in ServiceTitan? I'd also just be open to a conversation with others in the roofing trade using ServiceTitan to compare how we are using ST vs other trades. I'm familiar with how plumbing/HVAC/Electric companies use ST, but this trade is new to me. Would love to compare notes! 



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Hi All,

We're a residential roofing company just starting out ST and in process of building out our Pricebook. I was curious if any of you would be interested in chatting and sharing what's worked for you. We provide reroof and repair services along with various optional services like gutters and insulation. Our reroof is all performed piece rate so working through the pricebook features is a challenge. Would love any feedback or help on this. Thanks so much in advance for any time!

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We are a Roofing, HVAC & Solar company as well 

At first, it took a little work to build ST out for our roofing division and our Solar Division but once it was set we booked roofing jobs the same. We do use the "add appointment" feature on every roofing job because we tear down and dry in on day 1, then we call in for in progress inspection on day two (Which we skip that day on ST) then on day 3 we carry over the original appt to then so all the info, monies etc. carry over. We don't use this feature to much on HVAC jobs unless its a big duct job that requires multiples days. 

We also do use Company Cam for photos and communications between front office and roofers in conjunction with ST with really helps. 

But as I said, once you build out ST as needed for each division there really is no deference. Its like if you had a plumbing division, you would build out your estimate templates, job costing etc. the same way.

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Hello Andrew, 

My company is 1 By 1 Roof, Solar, & Paint. I would love to chat how you are using Service Titan for roofing. 

Thank You,

Tracy D. Miller



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@AndrewLR @l_ogle did you find time to connect? I'm a commercial roofer running ST for our service (repairs and maintenance) division and looking for other roofers running ST in any way. Let me know if you want to connect.

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Hi @AndrewLR - welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congrats on your first post! 🎉

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Thank you! 🙂

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@lswanson @l_ogle - would you be interested in chatting with Andrew? 🙂 

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Hi, thanks for thinking of us! We had to put a pause on our pricebook revamp so would not be of much help at this time to discuss how our pricebook is set up. But would be happy to discuss how we utilize Service Titan as a roofing contractor! 

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Hello. My company is 1 By 1 Roof, Solar, & Paint. I would love to chat with you how you are using Service Titan for Roofing. Would you be open to that?

Thank You,

Tracy Miller