Update equipment imported from Catalogs

Hey All, Trying to edit items from the catalog to more up to date models. I could import the new equipment from the catalog but my services (3,000 of them or so) already have the old equipment. My issue is that I cannot edit the Model # Section of th...

aricci92 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Bulk editing pricebook

When we bulk edit the pricebook for any reason, there should be a time stamp to be able to put said editing into effect. For example - I want to raise my services prices by 5% (for cost of living increase). I should be able to set a date and time for...

WARREN by New Contributor
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Equipment Variants Option in the Pricebook

Something I think needs to be implemented into ST pricebook is variants in equipment. For example picking equipment, and then having option A or B popping up to choose from. ie. HVAC full system > open options for "gas" or "electric" ie. HVAC Evapora...

Property Management Special Pricing

We deal with large property management companies and they have a special pricing (hourly labor) and I am trying to figure out a way to configure my Pricebook without having to duplicate it entirely and a dynamic pricing rule for them.

Chayo80 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Pricebook Issue: Save button

As of today 1/18/23 - When trying to save a new Service Item or Edit a current item, the Save button no longer works. The only way I am currently able to edit an item is to put the list into "Edit mode" and then can only edit the items in the availab...


An Idea that I had due to difficulties I am having. "When creating a PO, I select the vendor in which the items are being ordered to. When selecting the items, by searching part numbers, that works great. But when selecting items with a more ambiguou...

tyson_re by New Contributor
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Discounts in Pricebook

We offer a 10% discount to seniors, military and first responders off of their labor charges only for a call. I have watched videos but can not figure out how to just apply the discount to labor. It is in Pricebook as a discount but when chosen by th...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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CSM Team

This is one of the worst things that Service Titan has chosen to set up for their customers. I have sent the same email for the past Month asking for help on setting up spiffs in our pricebook (I would like to talk through workflow as well as getting...

KristinS1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Price book consultants?

Is anyone aware of HVAC price book consultants? We would like to have help configuring our price book with a professional that has done it dozens of times.

dzuspann by New Contributor
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