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Hey All,


Trying to edit items from the catalog to more up to date models. I could import the new equipment from the catalog but my services (3,000 of them or so) already have the old equipment. My issue is that I cannot edit the Model # Section of the equipment. Anyone know of a good way to do that? 

I can edit my code and the name so my estimators see that, but can't fully update the model. I really don't want to have to change ALL of my services to add in the new equipment. 


Any thoughts? Upvote if we should have a way to edit the model number on items imported from the catalog OR have a way to turn off the catalog updates so that we can edit if we want.


Thanks in advance all!


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Community Manager

Hi @aricci92

To maintain a link between your Pricebook and the provider catalog for future updates, you can’t edit the following fields:

  • For categories and subcategories: Name
  • For equipment items: Model and Manufacturer
  • For Pricebook Pro service items: Name and Code

You can still duplicate items and make changes to all fields in the duplicated item.