variable markups based on quantity

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The current process for material markups in our ServiceTitan Price Book is based off cost thresholds.

This has caused some items to be significantly marked up vs prior pricing.


12/2 Romex is in the system by the foot at a cost of $0.49, which has a low price at the per foot amount.

That is in the 250% markup range giving a sell price of 1.72 per foot ((2.5*.49)+.49), home depot charges 2.30 per foot so this seems appropriate.

However,  with 100 feet billing out at 1.72 is $172 and the home depot price for 100 feet is 80.00.

I am good with a 1.72 per foot up top a certain quantity of feet. But 172.00 for 100 feet seems excessive.

I did a chat and they said the system does not do that, but that it is a good idea.




ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

This might not be the most graceful solution, but you could have two separate material items in your pricebook, just using different lengths (ie: 1 foot and 10 feet). Depending on the breakdown of your mark-ups and how granular you go, the cost for the 10 foot portion would stay the same while proportionally decreasing the sell-price to not appear overly-inflated. This can be reflected in the inventory module by doing a simple adjustment (subtract 10x 1 foot 12/2 and add 1x 10 feet 12/2). 

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@Paulatadams, thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Community! I can see how immensely helpful this would be. Thanks for sharing your feedback. That sounds like something for the ideas page!