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ST-65 Feature Release has 38 core improvements and 1 new feature

Key Feature Improvements:

Dynamic Pricing: Weekend and holidays: Define when higher labor rates should be charged outside of normal service hours and set up rules to automate this calculation 

Multiple equipment records update: Installed equipment records now have a way to maintain unique serial numbers.

Improved Job costing calculations:  GL account Types and Subtypes, like Expense, Income, and Liability, are now factored into job costing. 

Team filter added to the Dispatch Board: Find the correct tech for the job with less scrolling and easy team filtering.

GoodLeap integration: Offering financing to your customers is now easier with the new GoodLeap integration.

Updated customer and location records (Phase 2): More ways to navigate intuitively and to find relevant information efficiently - now with a collapsible sidebar for more horizontal space. 

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Download the Release Highlights, watch the webinar, read the full Release Notes, or check out the Blue Collar Nerd or Field Features with Margaux to learn more!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Honestly loving some of these updates. We are in one of the last batches to I am eagerly awaiting it! 

Thank you for doing these videos! And breakdowns. I'm sure many just like myself really appreciate them! 

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Wish we can do something about spell check when we are creating estimates???

Wish we can do something about adjustments to invoices after they have been posted & batched out on ST side (I can make modifications on my accounting software side but not on ST side so when customer pays it matches).  Unless I'm missing something??

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Disappointed by the search page UI update, new layout is too large and we are spending too much time scrolling down to find the search field, then scrolling right to see the information. We are toggling back and forth, no one like it at our company! The old search interface was great, entirely unsure why you felt the need to change it? 

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Love it! We cant wait til memberships gets an overhaul 😉

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I have noticed that when you try to open in new tab it takes us back to the portal page

we have multiple companies that we work with 







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What happened to opportunities during this release you cannot make multiple estimates under the same opportunity from the office side? If you create a new estimate from within an opportunity screen it automatically creates a new opportunity. 

Really great timing on this. Completely messing our work flow for one of the biggest project estimates we have every sent. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I love the weekends and after hours rules in Dynamic Pricing! A BIG ask in our Sessions for sure! Thank you