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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Can TitanAdvisor 🚀 really help my business?

  Should you be paying attention to your TitanAdvisor Score?  Is paying attention to the points really worth the squeeze? I mean it's just another thing we need to do in ServiceTitan, right?  Ok, Let's dig in and do a deep dive into Titanadvisor and see how it helps your business. 

If you check out the TitanAdvisor FAQ you will see this..


 So basically, ServiceTitan Research shows the more features you use, the better your outcomes are. This sounds great on paper, but we need more than just an FAQ stat today.

  For those of you new to ServiceTitan you will know TitanAdvisor as “Prepare To Launch” which is there to guide you through setting up the required features and complete the training assigned to your role. I am not gonna focus our time on this, but focus on once you have completed the “ Prepare to Launch” stage and are now in the progressing stages like Launch, Acceleration, Optimization and Mastery. Let's first talk about the points. 

The Points

  I’ve heard it all here before and I am sure you could share a few more too!

“ I don’t care about points, we focus on our business”

“We don’t play that game, not interested in the leaderboard”

“ The points are pointless, I don’t have time for that”

  When I hear things like this, I just scratch my head. As business owners KPI’s and ROI are all major focus points. But points in TitanAdvisor are not perceived in that manner just yet. “Not yet…Not yet my friend!”

Let’s discuss the points. In TitanAdvisor you obtain points for completing features and when you're using them. Your TitanAdvisor Score is a reflection of how much of ServiceTitan you are using. Basically the higher your score the better the ROI (Return on Investment) of your ServiceTitan utilization. The points are your measuring stick. We all have important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in our business that we track. I want you to look at your TitanAdvisor Score as a regular business KPI. This KPI tracks your ROI in ServiceTitan. 

  The points are really cool and getting on the Leaderboard is epic for sure. But you heard it here from Timmy Boy first. It’s almost more impactful when your points drop. Why? Let's look at this as an example: You get to the office and you see your score went down, your first move…Open your TitanAdvisor & drill into your score history and see why those points went down. 

Example Findings:  you find out you lost points from this feature: “Offer your customers multiple options” Your techs decided they didn’t need to offer multiple options and are now only giving one option to your customers. Will this affect your direct revenue and conversion rates? Of course it will. TitanAdvisor has given you important feedback that you can now address quickly not having to wait and see your revenue and conversion rates drop before you can correct this. TitanAdvisor has some business coach similarities here. Either way going up or going down, the points provide your business with some great metrics and feedback. 

The Features

You know, if you were one of those who said “It has a bunch of features my business will never use.”  Alright Stop, collaborate and listen… 😁 Seriously, TitanAdvisor gives you freedom to prioritize your goals, customize your features and even set up your customer type in your company Profile. This gives you the control to see and focus on features that do impact your business. Fun Fact on the last TAD leaderboard of 2023 almost 48% of the businesses were still in the Launch Stage all with scores over 220. What do we learn from this? Focus on the features that drive your business. Pro Tip here: Utilize the customization and filter by quick wins, business goals and business sections that you are looking to improve and or will have the most impact on your business. Another Pro Tip: You don’t have to complete each stage before working on other features. So no excuses for those complaining you are stuck in a stage or see features you won’t use. So no, Regis I don’t need to call a friend. This is my Final AnswerCustomize your TitanAdvisor.  

For features, I will leave you with this nugget, at some point in the upcoming 2024 releases we will finally bring a change in how features are seen and applied. No firm dates, but keep an eye on this one for sure. So excited! 

Ferrari vs Yugo

  No this is not a story of two car companies racing in the 24 hr Le Mans. This is a funny observation from Timmy boy here. When you read this “ Ferrari vs Yugo" we instantly know two things. One there is a minor cost discrepancy and two I am betting you are calculating a major performance difference. Now I am not gonna provide sound byte links of their engines revving just for comparison, but I do use this example quite a bit in my EmberSessions

This example holds true for sure. I mean you bought the Ferrari in ServiceTitan. You expect better performance and that's why the cost was associated with it. We probably hated the Yugo’s performance but the price fit the capabilities. I usually get a good chuckle here because nowadays golf carts have bigger engines than the original Yugos. But here is the point, people. You bought the Ferrari, How are you driving it? Are you using all the gears, does it corner on rails? Or does your engine have that Yugo sound… Like the one I don’t hear in my golf cart chasing my drive on a par 5. 

The simple point of the story is: Get your money's worth! This is a big software, you invested in it, now invest your time and see how this Ferrari will perform. That means understanding TitanAdvisor and how it can help your business. This means taking advantage of the free program Embers to learn the foundational pieces of TitanAdvisor in ServiceTitan so you have a stable foundation to go forward with. I gave you the reasons for how it helps your businesses. Now let me share some results/ wins that are not just wins celebrating point totals. 

Success Stories

Fun Fact here, I am one of TitanAdvisor’s biggest fans. You see, at my prior company, before we started focusing on our TitanScore, our points were in the 90’s. Then we started paying attention to TitanAdvisor and focused our attention on our score, completing as many features that were in line with our business goals. My office manager was responsible for all features that were Customer Communication related. I handled all tech, pricebook and marketing related features. I worked with my accounting team for similar accounting features. It was a total team effort. Over the next few months we raised our score to 209 placing us on the leaderboard for several weeks. In fact we were runner up for Titan of the Year that year. The points are Gucci as a friend says. But my results showed me 100%  the juice was worth the squeeze. You see we grew 38% YOY. After being stuck in a 5% YOY two years in a row. 

Another example is a crew that came from my EmberSessions. They grew 93 points in six weeks. They Crushed it! An Embers record that still stands. I saw them at Pantheon 2023 and asked them how did this help their business? We looked at their #’s and saw they had tripled their average ticket in their offseason. These were just a couple of positive result experiences that I thought I would share with you. 

 Fact: it's not just about the points, it's about better business outcomes, growing your business, streamlining workflows and improving your customers' experience. Famously once said “If you’re not 1st, you’re last!” Come join me in Embers and be one of these success stories. 

Game Changer for 2024

If you know, you know!  Pro Tip: Take advantage of all the free programs, training, webinars, instruction videos, community and groups in ServiceTitan. 

The Best Program for TitanAdvisor hands down is the EmberSessions. This program is beneficial for companies in the Launch Stage of TAD and have completed the “prepare to launch”. Ideal Ember participants are usually an administrative user that is a decision-maker or a primary user of ServiceTitan within their company. Not really recommended for customers in the Acceleration Stage of TAD or scores over 170, but some do still find tons of value and attend for specific reasons. 

Did I say the EmberSessions are free, cause they are, so sign up to join your 6 free 1 hr sessions all geared in TitanAdvisor to assist you in driving your ServiceTitan like a Ferrari. If you are reading this and attended a EmberSession please comment below, let our readers know just how great these FREE sessions can be!

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Pro tip: It Takes a village- yep stole one last quote. This tip comes right from the industry: Get your team involved. Assign and track your TitanAdvisor features with task management. Copy and Paste the TitanAdvisor Measurements into a task in ServiceTitan Task Manager and assign it to your responsible team member. Then set your goals and expectations, deadlines and some measurable to define the accountability.   You can learn more about ServiceTitan automation and other great pro tips from our professional Program Facilitators in EmberSessions. Be there or be