Creating Projects Automatically

New Contributor

I don't know if anyone else is frustrated with the way that Service Titan automatically creates projects when an estimate is sold.  Is there a way to toggle that off?  When we go out for a simple job sold and it's not multiple steps or phases a project is not required for us, but we are finding that they are created automatically when the estimate is sold and booking is initiated.  Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated. We do need projects for larger multi-phase jobs, but not every job that sells needs to be a project.    


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Hey, So when converting estimate into a job from the office side so it will automatically create a project with the previous job where estimate created and sold with the job where estimate converted and booked. When Technician finishing the job, selling an estimate and clicking "perform work now" so it will not generate a project, every detail will reflect on the same job and on the same invoice, but for now there is no way to toggle that off.

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There’s not currently a way to toggle that off. Is there an issue it’s causing when trying to track and manage other projects?