Materials + Equipment Breakdown Feature Request

It would be great if on the Project page there was a full material/equipment breakdown. There's places to access it such as the invoice etc. but parts could be spread over multiple invoices or the same item could be on two separate estimates for two ...

codybumpus by New Contributor III
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Sold Estimate notification for the tech

How do you all notify your technician that the estimate they wrote while onsite sold/converted to a job?I have alerts set up to notify the creator when online estimates are signed but we are not using this currently to avoid itemized price break down...

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AlexPhylactou by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Adding Sold Estimate to an Existing Job

Hey gang! Looking for some insight/clarity on booking sold estimates on existing jobs. Is there a reason/logic to not allowing the office to add sold work from MOBILE to any other existing job?We had a septic technician sell additional work on a job ...

aware134 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Service Titan Pricebook excel spreadsheet

HI! I'm working on my pricebook in the excel format - how do utilize subcategories on the excel spreadsheet? Do I just put the subcategory in the category field if it applies to that pricing?

KatieBcbp by New Contributor
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Estimate Conversion

Hello ST Folks!On the office side we cannot sell estimates to be completed now, into the same job it was created from for a technician. Estimates from office can only be booked into a new job or existing job (other than the one in which it was create...

Resolved! Multiple appointments non opportunity automation

Hello, We have an issue with tracking our recurring service appointments opportunity conversion rates. We are hoping to be able to conditionally have the non-opportunity box checked when necessary, here's the scenario;Customer has 5 recurring service...

CodyWans by New Contributor II
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Creating Projects Automatically

I don't know if anyone else is frustrated with the way that Service Titan automatically creates projects when an estimate is sold. Is there a way to toggle that off? When we go out for a simple job sold and it's not multiple steps or phases a project...

MMack by New Contributor
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Canceling a job should not be so inconvenient

If ST is going to make it mandatory to remove all tasks before canceling a job, there needs to be a "delete invoice" button to remove all tasks at once. With a large project it can waste far too much time deleting those tasks one at a time. Also - da...

vmoore by New Contributor II
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