Technician PO Feature Request

It would be cool if the technicians could link in to the material pricebook and add materials from the PO Screen in Mobile. If the techs dont get the item code perfect they are severley slowed down in building a PO.

dhutton by New Contributor
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E-Sign form link killed when complete a Job. PLEASE FIX.

I spent days troubleshooting this topic after feedback from a customer. I have confirmed by testing that E-sign links sent to customers do not work if we close out a job. However if you reopen the job/appointment the original e-sign link will work ag...

Seth by New Contributor
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AIA Billing

Are there any Electrical Contractors who use AIA billing on large jobs? Large being 15 to 20 billing lines and contracts between $500k and $1.5m. We are having a problem with billing lines and change orders.

Ocean by New Contributor
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Nursery - Inventory

Hello,we are starting a nursery component of our business. Our goal is to grow some or most of the plants we use on our construction and enhancement jobs. Our intent is to purchase raw materials (plant starts, growing medium, pots, fertilizer and lab...

Kennyd by New Contributor II
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Estimate Conversion

Hello ST Folks!On the office side we cannot sell estimates to be completed now, into the same job it was created from for a technician. Estimates from office can only be booked into a new job or existing job (other than the one in which it was create...

PO Generation on Sold Estimate

I have searched through the ServiceTitan Community posts, and can't find an answer, so maybe posting myself will help!We have our inventory mostly setup. All we need now is to have a process that works like this:Tech in field sells an estimate.Estima...

ZMR-TBHVAC by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Multiple appointments non opportunity automation

Hello, We have an issue with tracking our recurring service appointments opportunity conversion rates. We are hoping to be able to conditionally have the non-opportunity box checked when necessary, here's the scenario;Customer has 5 recurring service...

CodyWans by New Contributor II
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