E-Sign form link killed when complete a Job. PLEASE FIX.

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I spent days troubleshooting this topic after feedback from a customer. I have confirmed by testing that E-sign links sent to customers do not work if we close out a job. However if you reopen the job/appointment the original e-sign link will work again.


This is very cumbersome and ST should create a work around to allow the E-Sign form to be completed even if a job is closed. There are many situations when a job needs to be closed while waiting for a customer to sign a form/estimate/invoice so that techs can be dispatched to other jobs. The current solution requires us to reopen a job or artificially reschedule a new appointment - both of which are not reflecting the actual work flow. 


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I completely agree.  We have the same issue.  I understand that in a perfect world the authorization signature would be received prior to beginning the work and an approval signature would be obtained immediately upon completion because the customer is with us and approves the work.  However, we don't live in a perfect world.  The majority of our customers are commercial customers and the people that approve the work are not necessarily onsite with us.  We still need a signature from them once the work is complete.  So my vote is to allow us the ability to determine when, where, how, why signatures are obtained.  Allow us the ability to break the link or keep it open.  It's ridiculous how much our hands are tied in this system.  I've said this before and I'll say it again.  We should have the ability to customize anything that's customer facing in any way we see fit.

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So Estimates can be viewed and remotely signed regardless of if the job is closed. The link does expire after 60 days. 
Invoice signatures work differently, mainly because they are meant to be taken live, even if using e-sign. For example,  an "authorization" signature is to approve the proposed work to be done, so it wouldn't make sense to collect it after the work has already been done and the technician has left. I have a video that breaks down the purpose of every signature that might be helpful here.

I have learned that the E-signature link for a COC also is killed when the job is closed.

Secondly, If an E-sig is sent and obtained, it automatically goes to be booked out of follow up, even if the tech can complete the work on this appointment... is there a better way to do this?

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When an estimate is signed for via e-sign it defaults to perform work later, but the tech is able to change it to perform work now. See this video: https://vimeo.com/801617140