GPS Tracking Devices for Tools

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Hello Community, 

We are wondering if anyone is using some kind of GPS tracking device to track tools? Examples: Propress, expansion tools. Specifically, a tracking device that does not have a subscription.

Thank you so much! 


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We put Apple AirTags in our more expensive tool boxes and even attached them in hidden places on some of our trailers and front loaders. Did it as a precautionary thing, but twice they've come to the rescue in the last year alone. Once we had our expensive hammer drill stolen, and we know the warehouse that it is in and are currently working with the police to get it back. We also had another incident where they stole our catalytic converter (no airtag on that lol) and 4 of our tool boxes. We had an AirTag in one of the boxes and were able to track it down within 24 hours (about 4 hours after getting to work and realizing it had been stolen) and recovering 2 of our tool boxes. 

We're now looking at more expensive options that don't have some of the vulnerabilities that AirTags have, ie it's easy to remove the battery or reset them, but Apple AirTags are a great option that is relatively cheap, you can get them from the store and put them on your tools TODAY.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We use a Milwaukee ONE-KEY app to track tools and ladders.

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC