Project Purchasing

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What process does everyone use to purchase within projects? 
Here is what we have tried and failed to work or we are making it work. 

In projects - in the purchasing tab if you just select "Add purchase order"
When the PO is received the items are expensed to the project AND quantity add into our main warehouse inventory. 

Using material requisitions - this works but items are not able to be edited or anything added once a PO is created. 

If we use a job - purchase order - if the job is accidently gets completed - it won't allow us to edit/receive the PO. 

Send help! 




ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Do you have this box checked on your inventory configuration?  When a PO is received, it gives a prompt to add to invoice, then the inventory comes out of the warehouse but doesn't double cost on the invoice.  



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