Resolved! Exporting Bills to Quickbooks Online (QBO)

We have been told that we cannot export our bills to QBO. The only option they have given us is to double-enter the bills in both ST and QBO. Is there another option for this? How we do keep the continuity of information with Bills being exported? Pl...

chris-zeww by New Contributor III
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Creating Projects Automatically

I don't know if anyone else is frustrated with the way that Service Titan automatically creates projects when an estimate is sold. Is there a way to toggle that off? When we go out for a simple job sold and it's not multiple steps or phases a project...

MMack by New Contributor
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Task Mirroring through Form Submission

Is there a way for the ST system to allow for a form to be submitted by a technician after a job, from which tasks are automatically launched which pull inventory items from active stock? If possible, could a master inventory list also be pulled from...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Vendors

Good Afternoon,We are still onboarding and customer service couldn't answer my question, but just referred me back to my Onboarding Rep. which I have to wait to schedule a Zoom conference to talk to. What is the difference in Default Vendor and Prima...

ddavis by New Contributor II
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Keeping tracks of payments made to a vendor

Hello everyone!We are trying to do a better job at tracking job costs and we have run into the issue of having to keep track of the payments being made to the vendors for which we have added PO and turn this information into some sort of balance repo...

TLD_KSMR by New Contributor
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Financing on invoices

Does anyone know why I would have different financing options showing up in the invoices for estimates when I don't have that option selected in the settings. I know there has been some bugs after recent updates but this is driving me crazy. It's onl...

Rome by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Tool Tracking System

Hello all!Currently this is not offered but maybe in the future it could be an added featured.I'd love to be able to track tools as assets.This way they can live on the balance sheet and have traceability of who has it/ used it last/ when it needs to...

AlexPhylactou by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Canceling a job should not be so inconvenient

If ST is going to make it mandatory to remove all tasks before canceling a job, there needs to be a "delete invoice" button to remove all tasks at once. With a large project it can waste far too much time deleting those tasks one at a time. Also - da...

vmoore by New Contributor II
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