Building Dashboards in Domo

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with building Domo dashboards or reports by pulling in your info via the API from ServiceTitan?  Since Total and Completed Revenue are not fields you cannot directly pull in via the API - so how are you guys calculating this in Domo properly?  Has anyone able to get revenue to tie out to the dollar?  It seems like a lot of extra logic has to be added to account for refunds that weren't created properly, timezone issues, etc...

Also, has any tried the new "Reports" endpoint in the ServiceTitan API 2.0?  Are you able to pull in Total or Completed Revenue using this?  Domo's connector doesn't allow for this endpoint yet but I have talked to Domo about getting this updated so we can start using this...


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Hi Ryan,

I don't have any experience using Domo but summing the total revenue column based on completion date from a jobs report endpoint will tie out perfectly with the "completed revenue" found on the Servicetitan modular dashboard.




I must be doing something wrong because no matter whether I use a jobs, invoice, or invoice items report, I can't get the completed jobs or revenue to match.