Need a special report for making Christmas cards!

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I need a report from Jan 1-Now of Customers that have used our services this year only 2023. I will be using this list to send out Christmas cards. 

When trying to run it from the customer list report it's showing all lifetime customers even though I changed the from-to date to 01/01/2023-10/26/2023.

Also, the report I did last year (can't remember what it was) ended up having so many duplicates of customers names from different jobs.

So, looking for:

Customer Name, Phone Number, Address, Last Job completed (2023), and completed revenue this year(2023) -high to low. 


Am I missing something with reports or is it glitching at the moment?


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Thank you! I will be trying both of these today!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I created a custom Customer report with the following columns selected:
Customer Name
Full Address
Phone Number
Do Not Service
Last Job Completed
Customers Lifetime Revenue

Before I ran the report, I filtered the Last Job Completed column to Is After or Equal to 1/1/2023 and I filtered the Do Not Service column to False, and the Customers Lifetime Revenue to Greater than $0.

In the From - To field I put in a date back to 2000 to make sure I encompassed my whole customer database then ran the report. It brought back only those customers that had work completed this year, and have spent money with us.

Mimi Warner

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am not sure why that doesn't narrow it down when you enter in the time frame (mine does the same thing).

You could create a custom report from the Customer template, then Jobs.  Add the columns for Customer Name, Address (either Location or Customer, however you decide), Invoice Date, Jobs Total.  The only thing is that you may need to export it to combine the duplicates and get an actual total per customer.

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