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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am looking for a way to build my custom dashboard from a report I am using. The issue I am running into is the way that all of the modules auto generate their calculations from, is not the same way that We calculate the numbers. Therefore, I still have to search reports for the accurate number I am looking for rather than just being able to pull up the dashboard and see it right then and there. Is there a way to change how the Modules calculate or get even more creative with it? Let me know any suggestions you might have! Thank you!

Aly Cooper
Dilling Services

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Hey Aly,

You can actually create a custom dashboard and add a Report module Type, select the corresponding Report Template. Then you can add your custom report directly do your dashboard as a module, and filter it as you do your report. This article goes into more depth on how to add the custom report to your custom dashbaord: