Resolved! Combining Campaigns by categories

Is there a way to combine campaigns by category? For example, is there a way to add all of our magazine campaigns under the "Printing Advertising" category? If not, does anyone have recommendations to organize (clean up) our campaigns without getting...

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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Budget vs Actual Report

I absolutely love the Budget vs Actual widget under the financials section of the Project page. I've spent a good deal of time getting our labels just right where it gives a simple but detailed breakdown of our job costing report. The downside, howev...

codybumpus by New Contributor III
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Marketing Campaigns Overtime

I would love to see a visualization in dashboards to view KPI's overtime, we are specifically trying to track Total Job Average per campaign overtime. I have tried to do it in excel but it is a lot of manual information that needs to be input. Any he...

kdavis209 by New Contributor
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Office sold by estimates not moving over to invoice or reports

When our office follows up and sells an estimate and marks the estimate sold by the office employee the information does not move onto the invoice or into any reports as sold by the office employee. We spiff our office on follows that were not sold o...

rays1988 by New Contributor
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Reporting is Inaccurate and Causing Issues for Our Company

Hello. Why do the report templates produce different results for the same information?Example: Using the BU template, sales can show $10,000, but if you use the estimate template it can show $15,000 for the same date range.No matter which template, i...

stephani46 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Report Option for Revenue by GL Account Totals

There should be an option to build a Report that allows you to generate just the totals for the GL Accounts. Right now we are running a Revenue by Account report and you have to scroll through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of line items before you c...

NicoleMZ by New Contributor II
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Duplicate Location Report

The Duplicate Location report does not have a column with "city" added to it, however it would be more accurate since we have lots in this report that are the same address just in a different town. Please add city or town to this report.

vhs_crys by New Contributor
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Recall Reporting - Linked Tech Information

When creating a recall report, it shows the current job as well as the linked previous job number. However it is currently not possible to show the tech(s) that were assigned to the original job. Having all of that information available on the same r...

scottmel by New Contributor
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Missing Email for Monthly Statements

I know when you send statements via email from AR Management you get a list of customers with missing emails. This list only appears just before you send the emailIs and isn't printable. Is there a way to generate a report filtering customers with ba...

afranza1 by New Contributor II
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