Export Heat Map Data

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The data on the Dashboard Heat Map is very helpful when monitoring marketing impact, Geo growth and year over year growth. 

After talking to Support there is not currently a way to export this data or create a custom report to see tha same data.  

Can a report or "Export" feature be connected to the Heat map dat for Revenue and jobs. 




ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Since the heat map essentially shows revenue and jobs per zip code I think you could configure a "jobs" report to mimic this data by sorting and filtering. You'll have to have custom reporting with the works package and permissions to create custom reports. In the reports tab create custom, select all, the the Jobs dataset. Select columns you want, I'd try jobs total revenue, completion date, and location zip. Choose your dates and business units to match the dashboard and then drag the location zip column header up into the purple group by area. The Jobs total revenue column should now have revenue sums for each zip code you can compare with the dashboard. From there you can choose export > as aggregated data to just see the zip code totals. Let me know if that works!