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Having an issue running reports on warranty items. Wanted to know how many x we have installed vs. taken back under warranty. Creating a Warranty item in the price book doesn't help because its a task.  Anyone have any ideas without effecting inventory.  

#1- We need to run a report in the “Return” screen by  “Item Description”.

  • We do not currently have a reporting KPI for this or the ability to export from this screen. However, I have seen some internal posts that more reporting is on the roadmap. I do not have any ETAs though. I would highly recommend posting this as an idea on our Community Page to help bring attention to this with our product team for future feature enhancements.

#2- “Selecting a Vendor” before the item is picked up by a vendor is an issue, we have product that we are not sure at the time of creating the return which vendor it will be picking it up. A item could be picked up by three different vendors. 

#3. We need a report built that we can run through the returns that will identify how many of each product we had issues with. We can’t select the item because it dings our inventory and then will mess up our avgerage cost in the price book. The report must be run through Item description and make it downloadable.



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

If you have permissions for building custom reports there should be and inventory line items report you can configure. Head to the reports tab and select create custom then click all and find the inventory line items data set. Choose what columns you want or don't and you can change this later. Include the "quantity returned" column and name or share the report. Set your dates and click the drop down for transaction type to select return then click the blue Run button. Each line should display an item with the amount of quantity returned for the date range selected. Item description or name is also an available column and you can click on the column headers to sort ascending or descending as well as drag a header into the purple area to group it. Just make sure to click "run report" when you change dates and columns and click "save changes" when your happy with how it looks. You can also export the data right there to a PDF or Excel. A lot of this is permission based though so if you don't see it that might be the issue. Hope that helps!