Main Zone vs All Zones

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Found a weird data set that makes no sense.  We rely heavily on Zones as we serve a very large area. Technicians cross over regularly.  Reporting is centralized to three markets and so I appreciate the ability in a technician profile to differentiate a MAIN ZONE and then list ALL ZONES they can work in.  

However, reporting for whatever reason takes the first market listed in ALL ZONES.  This makes no sense, as it should be the priority to take the dataset from the MAIN ZONE, vs the extra ones listed.  There is also some odd feature that resorts the order in the ALL ZONES field, and you cannot choose which zone appears first.  Therefore, I have had to remove the zone from my techs all together.  Not functional at all. 

Report settings are for Technician Performance Report data set.

From the helpful folks on the other end of the help chat. "We have recommended the tooltip for the Zone metric be edited to make this more clear. But with the current functionality of the report, the Zone column is not going to show the technician's Main Zone, it's going to list the first zone listed in the All Zones field"


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Interesting... I just tested that out and you are very correct. I agree that I don't see any helpful benefit to having the zone column in that template defaulting to whatever the first assigned zone was. I even tried to re-assign them and it still chooses the first one assigned historically. I would add this to the community ideas section, not just to have the tooltip updated but because I cannot see much use case in the functionality the way it is currently. We either need to see the technician's main zone or have the ability to filter by zone when looking at performance. From what I've seen though with my own clients, zones are very underutilized and I think they're awesome! So kudos to you for using them! 

Also, there might be a different way to get the report you need, what was the intention behind building this report? What are you hoping to see?