Attachments Report

I don't know if this sounds crazy, but is it possible to request an Attachment Report?I feel like this can be beneficial especially if we wanted to pull a brag file together real quick from all of the pictures our technicians take.The report could of...

josh_via by New Contributor III
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Operations Cost

Good morning -I am looking for a report that will show daily / weekly / monthly operating costs.Looking for the ability to break down by department and show cost vs income. Any suggestions?

Forecasting Report

I am looking for a way to forecast busy and slow seasons so we can better anticipate how to schedule our office and technicians. Is there a report that can better show comparatives for how many calls came in and how many jobs were attended on a week ...

AmyD by New Contributor
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Preferred Payment Method Filter

It would be great if the Preferred Payment Method column on the Membership Detail Report would allow "Is empty" or "Is not empty" filtering to be able to display only memberships without a payment method selected, without having to export to Excel. I...

Resolved! Campaign Tracking

Hello all,I am trying to figure out which is the best report to run for our campaign tracking. I see that there are 4-5 different campaign reports. We are really wanting to track how many calls we are getting from each campaign and the revenue associ...

Need a special report for making Christmas cards!

I need a report from Jan 1-Now of Customers that have used our services this year only 2023. I will be using this list to send out Christmas cards. When trying to run it from the customer list report it's showing all lifetime customers even though I ...

coatesin by New Contributor II
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