Resolved! Membership Conversion is 0 or 100?

We are having an issue with membership conversion rate reporting only being 0% or 100%. We only offer auto renewal memberships, is this metric for renewals due? Is there a way to accurately track how frequently we sell a new membership vs non-member ...

George_SST by New Contributor III
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Check Audit - Enhancing Payment Audit Process

I would like to bring forth an opportunity for improvement or kindly request input if a solution already exists.Currently, we have successfully implemented automated features for almost all payment functions within Service Titan. However, our account...

josh_via by New Contributor III
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Customers without an Email address

Hey everyone! So I need a report that shows customers without an email address. The report I'm currently working on has the customer name, customer email, location email, and location address. I have both email columns filtered as 'is empty'. Unfortu...

iwarren39 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Reporting Tweak

In the From-To Section of the report, it would be wonderful to have TOMORROW be an option. That way when we apply tags like "Parts-Ordered", it will run an automatic report letting us know the jobs we are planning to work on with ordered parts. This ...

Resolved! Best way to automatically pull data for analytics.

Does anyone have a good way they have found to automatically pull data from Service Titan that I could then connect to a BI dashboard like Power BI, Tableau, Looker Studio, etc? For example, performance reports that I can have updated automatically w...

rf-devin by New Contributor
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Recall Reporting - Linked Tech Information

When creating a recall report, it shows the current job as well as the linked previous job number. However it is currently not possible to show the tech(s) that were assigned to the original job. Having all of that information available on the same r...

scottmel by New Contributor
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Creating Custom Reports

Backstory: Fireplace & Chimney company. We have a current report that we love and want to keep. Although this format is through numbers on our apple products. Has anyone tried hiring a freelancer to basically code the document to upload it into servi...

TarynW by New Contributor II
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Reports and Templates

Hello S.T. peeps, I have an issue. I have 4 CSR's, 2 of them when they click on the "Reports" heading have drop down menu's "Categories" and "Templates", and 2 don't. I have not been able to figure out which permission is not activated as one who doe...

mramalho by New Contributor
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